Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Magpie Cafe

No trip to Whitby would be complete without sampling the fish and chips at The Magpie Cafe. But in all honesty I did wonder whether it was going to be another one of those places whose heyday has been a gone, yet is still pulling in the punters on its name alone. How wrong could I be?

Very. And to think that we nearly missed out because of that queue that trailed out of the door, down the steps and along the harbour front at lunch time on a miserable drizzly day in March.

The queue did put us off, but our stomachs got the better of us once the main lunch crowd had died down and we made a beeline to excape the rain.

There really is very little to say, apart from the fact that these were, quite simply, the best fish and chips I have tasted for as long as I can remember.

Haddock & Chips for me, Cod & Chips for Mr Ginger Gourmand and a whole heap of attention from the amazing waitresses for Baby GG. The service was second to none. Proper old school, no nonsense, friendly Yorkshire service.

My only slight criticism would be aimed at the mushy peas. They were a great consistency, good sized portion (I LOVE mushy peas), but sadly not quite there flavour-wise.

The Magpie Cafe
14 Pier Road
North Yorkshire
YO21 3PU

Tel: 01947 602 058