Monday, 6 December 2010

Something more important than food? Surely not...?!

For what seems like forever, food has been the one thing that has consumed my thoughts, both day and night. As a small child I was once known to have thrown the table over when the nursery teacher didn't feed me fast enough. Then, when my ability to express my love of food became a little more refined, I would regularly (OK, probably daily) ask what was for lunch and dinner before I'd even started on breakfast. I've spent days, weekends, whole weeks just cooking, reading cook books, creating new recipes, blogging about food and most importantly feeding people.

Then a certain someone came along at the end of August this year who takes up pretty much my every waking second. So much so that I can't remember the last time I dipped into one of my favourite cook books! Baby GG (as he's affectionately referred to on twitter...) has now of course pipped 'food' to the top of the list of things I love...

At first I honestly wasn't sure I'd ever sit down to eat a meal again, let alone cook one, but as time has gone on I am managing to find a little time to cook again. And what better time with Christmas approaching - I might not have managed Christmas cakes this year, but mince pies are definitely on the baking menu next weekend!


  1. Yay! Baby GG! Your finest creation yet xxx

  2. Oh wow baby GG is VERY cute. Now you have a totally captive audience to try your creations on ;)

  3. Oh my, how cute is he? He's absoutely gorgeous Naomi.

    Well, I've not blogged since Septemeber and Ive not had a baby!

  4. Now I had wondered where you had gotten to! And what a fantastic excuse too ... GG is far too cute, not surprised you have some new priorities going on right now but welcome back just the same ;0)

  5. Congratulations! That's a beautiful baby you've got yourself there.

    I haven't been on Twitter for ages and wondered how you were doing, lovely to see an update.

    Hope you're all well x